I hate putting “coming soon” here, so I’ll tell you just a bit about myself and flesh this out more later.

I’m a code monkey by day, author by night (and sometimes also by day).  Right now I’m busy working on a bunch of things; first and foremost my upcoming fantasy / steampunk novel Impervious.  I’m also the head writer for Edge of December, a martial arts, comedy web-comic that you can find here. I’m also busy creating WordKeeperAlpha, a productivity tool for authors that aims to help motivate you to meet a consistent word goal, not just during NaNo, but all year long.

  • threeoutside

    Hi Seth, I got here via your tweet on Chuck Wendig’s Twitter feed re: the whiskey. However, it’s not whisky that caught my eye, it’s that you too are in Omaha. I’ve been reading your blog and since I’m a NaNoWriMo junkie I hope to try your WKA. We have some things in common besides an affinity for writing and writers like Wendig; I have a couple of cats, I love SF/F, I’m of a liberal bent…I won’t hang around and bug you. My blog’s at http://3outsidetheskinny.blogspot.com/ if you want reassurance I’m not a stalker, lol. I would have left this comment under your latest post, but I couldn’t find a button or box to use for commenting… Terry

  • Ramnik Gill

    I use both Bibisco app and wordkeeperalpha as a writer – awesome products for writers! Great going!

    • mericlese