April is done. All hail May!

As usual, I’m not very good at updating the blog.  Thankfully, I can claim this month I was busy working on the projects that I should have been working on.  Thanks to one of those projects, I can even prove it!  Behold!April Writing

One of the nifty features of the Highcharts plugin that I’m using in WordKeeperAlpha is that you can save your chart to an image file and easily share it.  Hence, you can see exactly how I did in April.  Ok, I know that I’ve had better months, and I certainly could have done better last month, but I certainly did get a good amount written.  Nearly 12,000 words is nothing to sneeze at, especially for me.

I got a pretty good amount done in WordKeeper too.  The new method of fetching graph data via JSON is coming along nicely, the stats are fixed and I’m getting some of the ancillary pages done, like the Contact page and the Register new user page.  I just want to publish it now, since it works so well for me … but I’d still be the only one able to use it.  Which is frustrating since I just want to start telling people about it, shouting and pointing at this awesome thing they could be using too!  I don’t even know what my goal is for WordKeeper anymore.  I’m getting so excited about it, I wouldn’t mind being able to work on it, at least part time while I devoted the rest of my time to writing.  I suppose that all depends on if it could ever make any money, which I’m not holding my breath on.  I never plan to charge for it, so any funds would have to come from advertising and I have no idea how to do that.  Nor do I really want to take the time to learn, but I suppose I’m going to have to.  Ugh.

I also got a LOT done on Impervious last month.  See all that black in the chart up there?  That’s me working on Impervious and finally getting the markup step out of the way.  Now that’s done, I’ll really be able to dig into the new chapters, having a very firm plan on where I’m headed in the next draft.  I’m excited about that too!

Oh, and not to mention, there’s been some changes around here to!  Check out the new blog design, courtesy of my bearded friend, Dustin Dahlberg.  He’s a great designer, and you should check him out if you need anything done.  I finally have a blog look that I don’t have to share with a few thousand people around the internet.  And it has HATS!  I love hats!  Its also nice and responsive now.  Check it out on your phone sometime.