The Ideal Magical Item

Its a rough world out there. What one person has, another can take or destroy. This week, for #wanafriday (I know its Saturday, but I have excuses) the question is asked: “If you could have any magical item, what would it be?” Oh my…a question for nerds everywhere to debate endlessly. Several things pop into mind right away, but then the problems with them come up just as quickly.

My first thought was The Master Sword, of Legend of Zelda fame. The downside is I don't know how to use a sword. It would sit on the mantel and be useless unless Gannon smashed down my door. Also, I've got a couple friends who, I'm pretty sure, would slit my throat and steal the sword.

Next up, The One Ring. Invisibility, long life, untold powers to eventually unlock and rule all the world. That's all great if you think you're a bigger badass than Gandalf. Eventually you're going to have to deal with the past owners who all have codependency issues and skin conditions. Not to mention the great big fiery eye watching you like a creepy stalker every time you try and sneak in the movies.

Well, you can get invisibility without all the extra trouble with the Invisibility Cloak from Harry Potter! This one almost took the grand prize, but I've never really liked invisibility as a power. Its uses are limited if you're not a teenage prodigy trying to get out of curfew. You'd be a fantastic thief, and have a bunch of opportunities to be really creepy, but for me…I'd probably just be sneaking into movies for free. Plus, it can be stolen and probably would be by the first shady government agency to come along.

What about something that can't be stolen? Just about your only option is a magic item that makes you invulnerable from that sort of chicanery. Thankfully this plays into my megalomaniacal desires. The Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel Universe just about took my top choice.

It's a gauntlet that holds the six Infinity Gems: Space, Time, Mind, Power, Soul and Reality. Possessing the Gauntlet with all the gems basically makes you a god. Unfortunately, no one's going to just let you be a god. This is the one thing on the list that everyone in the world will gang up on you and kill you for. Also, I don't want to be a god. Can you imagine the work?

So, I'm still left with a puzzle. I want a Magic item that's more than just a trinket to hang on my shelf, but that I can use without getting it taken away from me or its power corrupting me. After much consideration, I've concluded there is one magic item that would be more handy than any other.

Assuming a world in which my magic item is the only magic item, the perfect magic item is one that is both innocuous and handy; powerful, but subtle. Thus, my choice is Hewards Handy Haversack! What? Shut up! Its a great choice, and here's why.

The haversack is a magic item that is similar to a bag of holding, from Dungeons and Dragons. Its a backpack that always weighs only five pounds and, aside from the main pouch has two side pouches. Each of the side pouches, while being small, each hold two cubic feet or twenty pounds worth of items. The main pouch holds eight cubic feet of items, or 80 pounds. Plus, the reason that its “handy” is that whatever you're looking for will be at the top of the pack when you open it.

Originally I was going to go with just a bag of holding, which is awesome in its own right. But a five pound backpack that can hold 120 lbs. worth of stuff all of it at easy reach, would be perfect. And since it looks like a normal backpack, nobody suspects a thing…other than I'm obsessively organized. Since it works along the same lines as a bag of holding, all items within it are stored in an extra-dimensional space, which I would think would make it immune to various types of scanning equipment. So, not only is it super handy in its own right, but also the perfect tool for making a mint in the smuggling business!

So what object would you choose and what would you do with it?

So what object would you choose and what would you do with it?

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This is a weird feeling for a Monday…

The internet is kind of a confusing place sometimes.  Really, it depends on where you hang out, though, unlike in real life, you don’t have a map that tells you how to get to the over-your-head-zen-musicians and away from horrible back alley drugs sold by the Russian Mafia.  Still, assuming you aren’t hanging out only in the seedy underbelly, filled with terrible porn, you can come across some very interesting and thought provoking stuff.

No, I’m not talking about NASA’s latest thing on Mars.  Well, alright, that is interesting, but I maintain that NASA should be sending colonists there by now, so I’m a little underwhelmed.  No, what I’m talking about is people!  Every now and again it just hits me that the internet, the whole damned thing, is chalked full of people, doing their thing and being people.  Sometimes, this sucks.  Some people suck, you can’t get around it.  Some people are crazy, and they at least have that going for them.  Other people though, are awesome.

Awesome people are all over the place and they are doing awesome things.  Things that don’t get on; things that don’t make Fox news.  There are people who do the craziest most wonderful stuff for no other reason than it makes them and other people happy.  There’s a lot more on YouTube than idiots blowing up soda bottles and kitten videos.  Last week, Anita Sarkeesian, of Feminist Frequency, put out a video that shifted my perspective toward women’s roles in video games in a huge way.  You can watch it here.  This was the first part in her series Women vs. Tropes in video games and I am very glad it happened.  I’m going to talk more about that in a later post, but its going to (hopefully) be more involved and also related to my own story telling and lesson’s that I’m learning in that field.

I just bumbled into Amanda Palmer’s site and have to remind myself that I should be writing my synopsis for Impervious, not absorbing a new outlook on life.  Well, maybe not that drastic but the woman has ideas.  Powerful ones.  She’s got a new TED talk (the source of my internet bumblry*).  ”Old Seth” would have written her off as a hippy, and alright, her ideas still seem a little hippy to me, but that’s probably more because some of them scare the already frightened introvert inside of me.  ”Today’s Seth” is very interested in what she has to say and what she’s doing.  Among other things she’s tossing the whole piracy thing right into the industry’s face.  She’s also talking about things like bullying, which as some people know, is really close to my heart.  We might not agree on everything (I haven’t read everything she’s got on there yet) but I think I’m definitely to a point where I’m willing to listen.

And there’s even more; on and on, bigger and broader, as I widen my social browsing.  More ideas, more people, more experiences to read, watch and listen to.  Tonight, I just had that moment of, “Whoa” and became newly fascinated by this technological terror that we’ve created.  So, maybe its just the wine talking, but you go Internet.  You keep being weird. You keep being original.  You keep thinking and putting yourself out there.  Who knows, maybe someday even I will have something worth saying.  For now, I’ve got some writin’ of my own to do.

*I’m an author, I’ll make up whatever ferplexing words I want to.

Stalling out

Well, the 25k month in February isn’t going quite as well as I’d hoped. My wheels are doing a lot of spinning, but my fingers aren’t managing to type the words. Bother. I did get a good bit of writing done for Edge last week, but that doesn’t get me much closer to my goal of finishing the first draft of Impervious. I have been going over the story a bit more to get the ol’ creative juices flowing again and that’s given me a lot of good ideas on what I need to do in the next draft, but not much about what I’m going to do with the ending.

Or rather, I know exactly what I want to do, just not how I’m going to go about doing it. I think that my story to this point has been a little ill defined in its theme and certainly in what powers I’ve assigned to the protagonists and the antagonists and now I’ve written myself into something of a corner. Oh, the set up is great, the ending should be good, I’ve just got to figure out how I’m going to pull everything together at the climax to solve all my problems in a way that’ll make sense.

Granted, this is the first draft, and if any other human being were to read it they’d be completely lost. I’m not sure what other author’s first drafts look like. In my imagination, Brandon Sanderson sits down at his computer, breathes onto the keyboard forming a link between it and the divine word vault, allowing flawless prose to flow between the two points. In fact, given the level of what he does, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. I’m just about ready to let my cats have a go at it. But, they’re far too lazy to do any real work for me, so I suppose I’d better just shut it and get back to writing.

Will a 25k month happen? Probably not. Will I finish Impervious this month like I wanted to? Also, all signs point to ‘No’. Will there be enough progress to get things done by next month and start in on the next phase? I certainly hope so. And if that’s going to happen, it means that tonight, I need to get some actual work done and see where it leads me. So, here’s me, signing off to get some work done and kill some characters…or maim them. I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet.

Wow..this is kinda my bad here people.

Alright. I haven't posted on this thing since … uhm the end of October. That's pretty bad, granted, but honestly, I don't feel as bad as I should. Near as I can tell I'm the only human being who pays any attention to this so the only one I've been letting down is myself. Ok…now I feel worse, but not all that much.

Needless to say, things have happened since October. November happened for instance. The only period of time that I really don't feel guilty about not updating since I was neck deep in participating in and finishing National Write a Novel month. Technically, I didn't win, since I didn't actually start a novel but rather continued writing Impervious. What I did do was write 50,100 words in one month, and I feel pretty damn good for that. I completed the whole second arc of Impervious and got into the third and final act of the story.

Then I took a break in December. And most of January. So, fantastic success followed up by laziness. In my defense, I was getting used to a new work schedule that includes an hour commute. I'm getting into more of the swing of things now, but I get home late enough that I don't have loads of time every night for writing like I used to. I'm not making excuses here, just relating how my minds been working on things.

So, there's not going to be any more excuses. This month I'm doing a 25k word month and that should be more than sufficient to finish the first draft of Impervious. Following that I'm going to do a second and third draft of The Hard Truth, then start in on the second draft of Impervious. The first draft is so rough that I don't know how long it will take to finish, but when I'm pretty excited for what its going to become. Next November I plan on doing NaNoWriMo right; starting a brand new novel and pounding out whatever I can on it, probably an urban fantasy that I've had bouncing around in my head.

Today though, I'm getting the blog started back up, and doing some writing for Impervious and for Edge of December. We're going to have some Edge news coming up pretty soon here, so stay tuned. You know, if anyone can hear me.

If you don’t succeed…

You know the rest. I didn't make last month's goal of 25,000 words. If you want excuses I have plenty; my computer dying, my own distractibility, and others. Honestly, the self destruction of my computer probably did more than anything else to stop me from reaching goal. My computer is one of the things that can destroy my concentration more than anything else. The silly thing died and I just couldn't focus on anything else until it was up and running again, which destroyed what would have been two of my best days of writing. This, boys and girls, is why I try and write away from home. Less distractions often leads to more productivity.

That being said, I'm starting another 25k word month, this time I'm getting started before the 10th of the month. With a good start, I should easily be able to reach goal and its going to be some very good writing. Edge is just about ready for a new chapter to be written, Impervious is right in the middle of an awesome action scene where the main protagonists finally meet (and possibly get in some really good fights). I've got a little momentum going again, so I should be able to jump right in and get to work.

In other news, big things are happening over at Edge of December as we're gearing up for our first Con's. Glenn's going to be going to Tuscon Comicon while I hold down the fort at Anime-Nebraskon. We're busy putting together various things to sell, new art, posters and biggest of all, new physical books! Though they aren't widespread, there is a physical, Edge of December Volume 1 that is full of pretty, wonderful art and extras that you just can't find on the site. Our goal, audacious as it is, is to hold a Kickstarter, get funded, and then get books two and three back from the printers before the Cons in November! Crazy! Ambitious! Perhaps undoable… but y'know what. Screw that undoable noise.

One of the reasons that I admire Glenn is because he dreams big, he thinks big. I tend to be more conservative in my goals, and that, perhaps, hampers what I am able to accomplish. So, though it'll be a ton of work, I'm dedicated to seeing Books 2 and 3 available to the fine people of the conventions by November. Just doing that will do more for Edge than most of our efforts over the last year or so since I started writing. Its scary, thinking of everything that we're going to have to do, but its also exciting as well. Its rather trite and and a cliché, but “Those who dare, do.” So, I'm off to dare, and in so doing, accomplishing what we set out to do. Away!