Havenhurst: A study in bad story telling

Horror didn't start off as one of my favorite genre's of movies. It still isn't, really, but my appreciation for it has grown ever since I started getting cuddles from my wife while watching them. I'm not as big a fan as she is of getting scared at something, which usually isn't a problem since most horror movies aren't very scary.

Let me first note that I'm not saying I don't like horror, I'm just saying I like it less than super-hero movies. There have been horror movies I've really, really liked, some that had me guessing the whole way through, some that genuinly creeped me the hell out and those were fun and I enjoyed them.

Havenhurst was not such a movie.

Katie and I watched Havenhurst this weekend, because the blurb on Netflix made it look like a haunted building movie, which I'm always up for. Love hauntings, love the supernatural, gonna work it into a book someday. Havenhurst looked interesting, had some good actors in it and, somehow, was decently rated.

Now, I'm going to spoil the crap out of it because I don't want any of you to feel like you need to watch it. Continue reading…