Havenhurst: A study in bad story telling

Horror didn’t start off as one of my favorite genre’s of movies. It still isn’t, really, but my appreciation for it has grown ever since I started getting cuddles from my wife while watching them. I’m not as big a fan as she is of getting scared at something, which usually isn’t a problem since(…)

I’m scared and I don’t know why you aren’t

“Trump's a political outsider.” “Trump speaks his mind.” “He's going to get the corruption out of Washington.” “We don't want another four years of the same politics in Washington.” “It's time we sent a message to Washington that they can't just ignore us.” I've heard the arguments. I understand them. Congress' approval rating is lower(…)

Frigidaire taught me to hate again.

Frigidaire taught me to hate again.

This is a story that I’ve been waiting to tell for months now. I like telling stories! Normally, it’s fun, and it comes from a place that is lousy with giant robots, magic, and just so many swords. So many swords. This story though, it comes from a place soaked in blood and mind numbing fury.(…)

My thoughts on Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance (Part 2)

My thoughts on Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance (Part 2)

Whew! Big weekend! I went to Osfest, sat on two panels, hosted another one and, oh yeah, Katie and I put a bid on a house that was accepted! **Continuously dances** No, I’m not telling you where, you creepy internet stalkers. I’m watching you. But not, y’know, in a creepy way. (I’m totally watching you(…)

I got a reply from Representative Brad Ashford

Recently, I poked all the state representatives and senators about upcoming Net Neutrality legistlation that the telecoms have snuck into next year’s, must pass, funding bill.  And Ashford send me a response.  I know, it’s a form letter, but the return address seemed legit.  He may never actually read my thoughts on his response, but(…)

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