Tor Boycott: Or a follow up to my last post

If you read my last post, you already know that I think that Vox Day and his “Rabid puppies” are a bunch of shitbirds.  For the sake of keeping this post short so I can go and write other more fun words, I’ll be brief.   Long story short, Irene Gallo, the creative director at(…)

Storium is Nigh!

Alright, I should have written this post a while ago.  There isn’t much time, so I’m going to break it down fast. First off: Storium is in its last week of its Kickstarter.  Go there now and back it.  Watch the video, read the breakdown, look at all the awesome stretch goals that they’ve already(…)

April is done. All hail May!

April is done. All hail May!

As usual, I’m not very good at updating the blog.  Thankfully, I can claim this month I was busy working on the projects that I should have been working on.  Thanks to one of those projects, I can even prove it!  Behold! One of the nifty features of the Highcharts plugin that I’m using in(…)

Writing fuel: Music for wordmaking

If you haven’t hit play on the video above, I’d advise you to click play.  I’ve listened to the above… I don’t know… fifty times?  More?  What you’re listening to is one of the main themes for Impervious.  Yeah, if you’re listening to the lyrics, you might notice a common word in there.  I’m not(…)

Someone queue up a montage, please.

Someone queue up a montage, please.

Hey folks! I know its been a while, but things have been…if not busy then distracting around here lately. I lost my job about a month or so ago and have been doing what I can to reacquire gainful employment, which includes phone calls, cover letters and teaching myself some new tricks. First off, I(…)

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