Crunch time!

As of this time I’m sitting at around 16k-17k words done on this months goal.  I don’t have too many days left before deadline, but I think I’m going to be able to make it.  Yes, you other authors are probably snickering at me with my piddly goals.  You NaNoWriMo winners can poo poo 25k words all you like.  But though life brings Valentine’s Day’s and weddings and new apartment findings and writer’s block and attention deficit disorder I shall prevail.  And when I prevail I will have one third of Impervious done! Meaning if I can just keep on this, by the end of the year my very first, full book will be done.  In a first drafty sort of way, but done all the same.

In other news, the second Edge of December eBook hit the Kindle store a couple days ago.  So, ya know, go check that out and lay down $2.99 for an awesome graphic novel that looks great on you iPad, Kindle Fire or your regular old Kindle.  We’d also love a good review or two if you’ve got the time.  This one actually has copy written by yours truly!  My very first published words.  They aren’t much, but by gum, we have to start somewhere.  That’s all for me right now peeps.  I’ve got wording to do and it ain’t gonna do itself.

Edit:  This is something I actually wrote earlier on this weekend and forgot to post it.  As of this time I’m sitting at nearly 23k words.  With one day left to go, and just a little over 2k words, I should be looking at another successful 25k word month!  Also, I’ll have the Act of Impervious finished!

Further Note: The new Edge of December eBook is out.  Remember to keep an eye on the site for when the book goes free for a limited time.  We’d also appreciate your purchase as it keeps the servers running and Glenn in art supplies.