Fight for the Net: Round Frickin’ 3

I’m getting really tired of this bull shit.  We’re still 16 months out from the next presidential election, there’s five hundred republican candidates for congress, all of whom yammer on and on about “people”, “freedom”, and “protecting individual rights” but then we get crap like the fight over Net Neutrality.  How can any of you Tea Party losers even claim to support the people when the only reason this is a fight is because Comcast and Verizon spend hundreds of millions for lobbying (read bribes) in Washington.

Politicians. I’m looking at all of you. It is your job to protect us against giant corporations that just want to bend us over the barrel and shake us until all our money comes out.  I considered another analogy, but its less family friendly.  I’m sick of this.  I’m sick of you hypocrites pretending that you care about the American people.  You say one thing, then provably do another.  The American people want Net Neutrality.  We crashed the FCC’s servers telling you that in an OVERWHELMING volume.  You do, what we tell you to. Period. End of sentence. I don’t care how much the service providers contribute to your campaign donations.

The last few years have made it abundantly clear who has influence in Washington, and its not the people.  Between SOPA, PIPA, the latest trade agreement debacle and Net neutrality, its clear that our representatives and senators aren’t looking out for our interests.  They’re looking out for the corporate interests. So, bring pressure on these jerks. It only takes a few minutes. Write to your senators and representatives.  Come election day, remember who sold you to Comcast, then also remember how much fun you had the last time you called Time Warner Cable.  It’s time for politicians to remember who they work for.