NaNoWriMo Journal Day 2: The Monday Cometh

Monday’s have a sacred purpose: Ruining the weekend. Oh, if only it were still the weekend, all the writing I’d do. Nevertheless, I persevere and attain my goals.

Today’s words: 1672
Total words: 3604

So…my story doesn’t reeeeaaaaalllly know what it wants to be yet. I’ve read all the Honor Harrington books several times which I’m stealing most of my “space navy” vibe from, but I don’t want it to be super serious like the Honorverse is. This is probably just a matter of finding my voice for this particular story. Ideally, what I’m going for will be a sort of Firefly / Honorverse matchup with a touch of Pirates of the Carribean…except no one is going to be Jack Sparrow. I don’t think I’ve got a role for Johnny Depp in my story. Still…maybe I can shoehorn in a sword fight in space. That would be fun. Avast!