Crunch time!

As of this time I’m sitting at around 16k-17k words done on this months goal.  I don’t have too many days left before deadline, but I think I’m going to be able to make it.  Yes, you other authors are probably snickering at me with my piddly goals.  You NaNoWriMo winners can poo poo 25k(…)

I’ve been slacking off…

…but I still want to make this 25k goal.  Alright, so I haven’t really been slacking.  There’s a lot of stuff that’s happened this month that makes me think, I should have maybe made next month the 25k word challenge.  Weddings, family stuff, travel, Valentine’s Day.  All of it adds up to “It is Febuary(…)

The Big Question: Why 25,000 words?

This question bares a little explanation, though not too much.  I’m not going to go off on another word spree here where I create a novella out of a blog post.  Thing is, I love the idea of doing National Write a Novel Month.  Being able to sit down and crank out fifty thousand words(…)

The Big Question: What are my goals for 2012?

Alright, so granted, its not a question that’s strictly about writing, but it’s the subject of this week’s entry.  I actually started writing this last week, but life kind of went and kicked me in the face.  Turns out there are some things that will just kill the impulse that I have to write.  One(…)

The Big Question: What’s the deal with the “Big Question”?

I am an author, which I like to pronounce just as haughtily as I can.  This is my blog, when, I don’t think I can really make sound snotty since everyone and their cat has a blog.  What this means though, is that, by in large, this is going to be a blog about writing(…)

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