NaNoWriMo Journal Day 9: A day of rest

Well, it’s been a few days since I wrote a journal entry, mostly because I burned myself out on writing over the weekend.  Friday night we had our Pathfinder game, which I really didn’t want to miss, but I’d built up a buffer.  Still, I fell a bit behind.  On Saturday I was beset on all side by leaves.  So many goddamn leaves.  I more or less made my goal for the day.  Sunday though.  Sunday I buckled in, and wrote for upwards of six hours and made up my lost time, and enough so that I could pretty much take a day off on Monday.  Which I did.  To play video games with my friends.

Don’t judge me.

NaNoWriMo Journal Day 4: To Battle!

My first space battle is heating up and its getting really fun to write it.  So much so that its difficult to call it a night tonight.  Unfortunately, the coffee shop is closing in a few minutes and I have work tomorrow.  Annoying, but what are you going to do?

The crew of the Elusive Raptor is hatching a sneaky plan to see them safely out of the trap they flew into.  How’s it going to turn out?  Weeeell, I know, but I don’t get to write it until tomorrow, so things are still up in the air.

Tonight I wrote 2260 words, not quite making my goal of 2500, but overall pretty decent.  I think I’m about a half a day ahead at this point, and if I can add some bonus words tomorrow then I should be able to take Friday off for my Pathfinder game.  For now, its time to go home, and get some sleep.

NaNoWriMo Journal Day 3: Late night

So, I’m writing this on Nov. 4th because last night I was writing right up until midnight (11:30) and didn’t have time or the inclination to sit down and then write a journal entry. Last night I clocked in at 1519 words (under goal) bringing me to 5123 words total so far. I’m still above average, which is pretty good, but we’re still only three days in at this point and I need to pick up the pace.

I am relatively happy that I managed to get those fifteen hundred words written all while cooking supper, doing laundry, getting my hair cut and then cleaning the kitchen.

I’m into the third chapter now.  I’m keeping them fairly short to try and give it a somewhat snappy pace.  I’m just about at my first, short, space battle and I’m looking forward to having a little fun with it.  I’ve been going back and forth as to give my characters the win, or to let it end with them barely getting away.  I want to do a mix of both, but I’m really leaning toward not putting the screws to them quite yet.  Things are going to get plenty tough for them in the near future.

NaNoWriMo Journal Day 2: The Monday Cometh

Monday’s have a sacred purpose: Ruining the weekend. Oh, if only it were still the weekend, all the writing I’d do. Nevertheless, I persevere and attain my goals.

Today’s words: 1672
Total words: 3604

So…my story doesn’t reeeeaaaaalllly know what it wants to be yet. I’ve read all the Honor Harrington books several times which I’m stealing most of my “space navy” vibe from, but I don’t want it to be super serious like the Honorverse is. This is probably just a matter of finding my voice for this particular story. Ideally, what I’m going for will be a sort of Firefly / Honorverse matchup with a touch of Pirates of the Carribean…except no one is going to be Jack Sparrow. I don’t think I’ve got a role for Johnny Depp in my story. Still…maybe I can shoehorn in a sword fight in space. That would be fun. Avast!

NaNoWriMo Journal Day 1: And off we go!

So, I thought that I would do a little daily writing diary here during National Novel Writing Month.  With luck, having to record that I did not, in fact, write anything for a day will keep me a little more honest.

I probably could have gotten a little more done today, had I done some proper outlining before the start of November, but whatcha gonna do?  I made up for a little lost time and got an outline started that will hopefully save me time as I get into the month and also managed to write 1932 words.

No matter what else, I’m off to a decent start.  I may write a bit more later on tonight, but honestly, I’ll probably play some video games or read.

How did everyone else do?