I’ve got a few projects going at any one time because of my near-crippling ADHD.  If you are curious as to what I’m working on at any given time, this is where you want to be.

The Iron Principles – Book 1: Impervious

Ghreman Vhen, Master of the Blackforge and Emperor of Kem is still new to his throne.  Its been one year since his father died, fighting the Outsiders, in the final battle of the latest Incursion.  Now, peace is slowly returning to the Empire, but that brings Ghreman an entirely new set of problems.  His fiance’s mother, power hungry General Asha Belenth, looks to extend her political influence much closer to the throne.  Meanwhile, Landem Forth, a charismatic leader with the rebel Sunderers is growing bolder, seeking to topple Ghreman’s rule.  Should Ghreman embrace the brutal tactics of his father, securing the Empire against the next Incursion, or be the better leader he aspires to be, despite the risk to the entire world?

Status: Second draft – 60% complete.

The Iron Principles – Book 2: Unstoppable

Description: Coming soon

Status: First draft – 90% complete

The Iron Principles – Book 3: ??

Description: Coming soon

Status: Not started

Edge of December (web-comic)

Kieron, Trife and Baron, adopted brothers, struggle to recreate their father’s martial arts dojo.  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?  Warning: contains likable but dangerous mob bosses, psychotic assassins, semi-sentient toys, tea cup martial arts, seers, a rejection of the laws of physics, pretty girls and occassionally rambling chapters.  Read it now, for free.  FREE I said.  You can also buy the first book.

Status: Ongoing