Wildstar: Totally not addicting.

I don’t actually want to write a post tonight. I don’t want to write anything tonight.  What I want to do is play some more Wildstar.  Man… I knew that game was going to be trouble when I saw the first trailers for it.  If you don’t know anything about it, check this out.

Its like World of Warcraft and Firefly had a baby!  Those first few trailers hooked me hard on the concept, and everything I’ve seen since then has only deepened my desire for the game.  Now, its finally out and, God help me, I am really enjoying it.  Thankfully, its not the world ending obsession that I thought it would be.  I’m still writing, maybe I’m reading a little bit less than I should… In fact I should really get some more reading in.  Audiobooks really don’t count. *sigh*  The last time I actually played a MMO was World of Warcraft years ago, and, at the time, it destroyed my productivity for everything.  Thankfully, I seem to to have developed a little bit of self-control since then.  You can tell, because I’m here, writing this blog post, as opposed to killing those Dominion bastards.

There really wasn’t anything for me to do, but to play an Exile.  I’ve started off as an Aurin, because I’m steeped in anime enough that I really can’t resist playing a race like that.  If I stick around long enough, I’ll start a Chua, because they’re psychotic technomagic rodents, and there’s nothing about that description that isn’t fun.  My character is a Spellslinger, which means I run around casting spells out of my dual pistols and generally being awesome at magic.  So far, its been a blast and I intend to keep playing until the inevitable boredom with the “endgame” kicks in.  That’s pretty much what happened with WoW, is that it started feeling WAY too much like a second job that I wasn’t getting paid for.  Two hours collecting reagents for potions that I sell in the auction house is not what I call a good time.  I’m not saying it isn’t for some people.  It just doesn’t hold much interest for me.

To protect against the possibility of addiction setting in and destroying my progress on Impervious and WordKeeperAlpha, I’ve instituted a system that limits my playtime based on my word count.  1000 words of Impervious buys me 30 minutes of playtime, 1 hour of work on WordKeeperAlpha nets me 15 minutes.  So far, its been working out pretty well.  I’m working on an awesome new chapter in Impervious (that wasn’t in the first draft and should kick things off more smoothly) and I’m finally working on actually getting the goals working in WKA.  Once Goals and Projects are working, I’ll be able to scrap the old WKA and publish the new and super shiny one.  So yeah.  Progress continues apace.  This month, I’m going to shoot for a full 10,000 words on Impervious and I’m going to try to track that goal in WordKeeper.

For now though, I’m going to play a little bit of Wildstar, before taking a little time to read a book.  I’m going to do my best to read more, and maybe I’ll even start putting up a few book reviews.  Everyone likes book reviews!