Writing fuel: Music for wordmaking

If you haven’t hit play on the video above, I’d advise you to click play.  I’ve listened to the above… I don’t know… fifty times?  More?  What you’re listening to is one of the main themes for Impervious.  Yeah, if you’re listening to the lyrics, you might notice a common word in there.  I’m not a big fan of rap normally, but there’s something about Eppic that I really like.  Combine that with the awesome violin skills of Lindsey Stirling and it couldn’t help but be writing fuel.

Any given story that I’m working on has its own playlist.  Impervious is heavily fueled by Abney Park (example forthcoming), but there are also additions like “By No Means” and  “Some Nights” by Fun.  What makes a song right for a particular story can vary from lyrics, to the overall feel.  What’s really important are the images that it conjures.  City of the Sorcerers featured a lot of Nightwish, Within Temptation and other symphonic metal (my favorite genre of music).  Done with “By No Means”? Here’s some Abney Park and their “Steampunk Revolution”.

I can’t, can not, write without music.  Hell, I’ve got a playlist for just about everything I do, but I need music to get the creative juices flowing.  Edge has even gotten its own playlist lately, featuring a lot of I Fight Dragons.  Not familiar with them?  I suggest you look them up or at least listen to the last video I post here.  I absolutely love that some many independent artists are able to bring their music to the masses through the internet.  Also, suck it RIAA.

What about you?  What music gets the creative juices flowing?  I’ll leave you with a little bit of I Fight Dragons.  I may or may not have posted this in a previous blog… Oh well.