This will have to do for now…

Well, this is interesting. I have a blog again… So. Yeah. There isn’t really all that much I have to say today, other than I wanted something up on here aside from the sample post. I’m new to the whole WordPress blog structure, so I will undoubtedly be tweaking things and trying to muscle things into place.

As you might have noticed, is changing, and growing. Part of this is a reflection of real effort on my part, another part of it is my opposition to S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A. that made me abandon my old host, Still, politics and dislike of sitting legislation aside, this is something I needed to start doing. You see, this is the Year of Writing for me. I’m going to complete my first novel, and complete two more submission ready short stories. I’ve got a good head start on my novel from December’s 25k word challenge, which I met, but I need to keep the pressure on. So, I’ll be doing six 25k word challenges this year, and maybe even up that.

That being said, perhaps starting a new website in January wasn’t the best way to keep me producing new story. I’ve used most of my writing time this month setting up the new, but thankfully I’m almost done. Yes, I know writing comes first, but I’ve also got to put forth a professional image or as professional an image as I can afford, both in time and money. I know, the images are done by me, not a graphic artist of fantastic renown. The design is (mostly) my own and not outsourced to a company to make a spiffy looking page and logo. We’ll say that comes later on in the career. I need readers before I need anything else; hence, my shiny new blog. Thing.

What you can expect to see here over the next year will be copies of my posts from over at Edge of December, someplace that you should all go if you want to read an awesome web-comic. There will be more on this later, have no doubt. Other content I’ll put up will be updates on my writing challenges, progress on projects, lessons learned while writing and other important news, such as my upcoming wedding to the marvelous Katie (joy levels reaching CRITICAL MASS!). Phew. So, that give you an idea what we’re going to be all about here. Give me some time to get settled in, kick all the tires, change the paint a few times and see what the little red buttons on the side do and I’m sure you’ll be, at the very least amused. Perhaps, you’ll even find yourselves educated. I know I hope to be. On that note, I’m off. Bed calls, and I intend to answer, forthwith!